Drought causes jump in food costs

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Price rises in the September quarter were smaller than in the June quarter with all tribes experiencing similar increases but for different reasons.

The Affluent tribes experienced the biggest rises (0.5 per cent), driven mainly by recreation costs, while the Cash Strapped tribes (0.4 per cent rise) were most affected by the cost of food and non-alcoholic beverages.

But it was recreation costs that had the biggest impact in the quarter. This was mainly due to international holiday, travel and accommodation costs (up 6.1 per cent) although they were largely restricted to travel to Europe and the US. These increases had the biggest effect on the Affluent tribes, who are more likely to travel internationally.

Food and non-alcoholic beverage costs had a big impact across all tribes. The drought continued to affect many foodstuffs, including meat and seafood (+1.7 per cent), dairy and related products (+2.2 per cent) and bread and cereal products (+1.3 per cent). These increases were partly offset by falls in the cost of fruit and vegetables (-2.9 per cent) as berries, citrus and tomatoes came into season.

Food price rises had the biggest impact on Cash Strapped tribes as they spend a bigger proportion of their income on food essentials.

There were very few price falls in the quarter, with the exception of communication, mainly due to a drop in the cost of telecommunication equipment (-1.1 per cent), and transport, due to a two per cent drop in automotive fuel costs.

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Written by Matt Grudnoff


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    Interesting term “tribes” and “Constrained” how constrained? “Cash strapped” of course if you pay rent, and I would suspect many pay more than a third to rent. When is the Government going to realize much of the pension, newstart and youth allowances are being paid to investors who then use negative gearing to no pay tax on their profits. They need to provide more public housing and that money that is paid can be income for the Government instead of investors.

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      Why can’t we edit our comments? I meant to say “not pay tax on their profits”.

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      Probably the government do realise how the rich are getting richer at the expense of the less well off. Despite any claims to the contrary it is the well off who are the LNP’s basic constituency in that these are the ones who very much favour a right of centre government simply because these are the people who support them with donations and obviously vote for them.

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      Tanker, you are quite accurate. People who want to get ahead in life tend to lean to the Right. Socialist thinking people go for the ALP, some of them can afford to because they have secure life time jobs at Universities and other institutions. The common people who want to keep more of their money and hate spending by Govts on trendy causes like overseas aid, climate activism, alphabet people issues etc. go for the Lib/Nats. Has always been like that and shall remain so. Should private home ownership be abolished then maybe there would not be an incentive anymore to be better than the neighbor. I certainly only worked 2 jobs years ago to get the mortgage off my back.



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