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Making the decision where to live in retirement has never been more confusing.

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Mention the words ‘retirement village’ and most baby boomers envisage an ‘old school’ style of community in which they just can’t see themselves living. Fortunately, however, the landscape has recently changed, with the opening of new resort-style communities catering for the younger, active over 50s’ market.

To help you make the important decisions that will shape your retirement lifestyle, the Retire Well Guide reviews your range of living choices. It provides you with valuable information that will clarify some of the main areas to consider, including styles of accommodation, cost structures, finances, and even offers a handy checklist.

Perhaps the best example of a successful new age community is the Ocean Club Resort, located at Lake Cathie, just south of Port Macquarie. Remarkable in design and quality of facilities, the resort leads the way in meeting the needs of the newly retired.

Coastal location
Located some 15 minutes south of Port Macquarie in Lake Cathie, homeowners have immediate access to the ocean, as well as a vast range of bowling, golf and other recreational venues. To match the growth in the retiree population, medical, specialist consultant and hospital services have grown considerably in recent years.

As a gated and fenced community, homeowners feel secure knowing that in the evening public access is restricted – no strangers and no worries.

Affordable quality homes
Ground level, energy-smart architect designed homes with a range of floor plans and Miele appliances included, start from $425,000.

Wide range of facilities
The extensive array of world-class facilities reflects the lifestyle needs of active retirees. The full-size (club standard) bowling rink has earned a reputation of being the very best in the region and is complemented by a 25m heated pool, tennis court and multimillion-dollar clubhouse with a private cinema. Most recently, the caravan/RV storage area is proving to be real hit with the travelling set.

Financially unrestrained
In stark contrast to traditional retirement villages, homeowners enjoy the financial benefits by avoiding entrance or exit fees, stamp duty or council fees at Ocean Club.

Now in its third year and quickly growing to a population of more than 230, the resort provides an opulent environment, gorgeous homes and the very best facilities money can buy. Yet the essence of its success lies in the vibrant community where homeowners relish each others’ company at many of the numerous recreational and social gatherings.

If you’re researching a move to the NSW coast and think the Ocean Club Resort may be of interest, then you should call and enquire about organising a free stay for a few nights to sample the resort.

For more details, call 1800 462 326 or visit


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    11th Nov 2016
    Check the body corporate fees.
    11th Nov 2016
    It seems strange that there is no exit fees at all.
    I know retirement villages are exempt from stamp duty.
    You pay a set amount each fortnight or whatever the arrangement is.
    It normally covers council rates, water rates, maintenance, electricity for your community hall/centre and amenities for it, staff wages and other adminsitration costs etc. They set a budget which residents are given a copy of the estimate and at the end of he financial you get a copy of the estimate comparing it to the actual expenditure. The also list the income and other money they receive if they hire out any of the facilities at all.
    You pay for your own electricity, gas, phone and internet.
    11th Nov 2016
    I wonder if that price includes them supplying a fridge and washing machine. There is some new ones in SA for approx the same cost that is shown above, However there is an exit fee.
    11th Nov 2016
    Sounds like a fantastic place. Hope they come to WA.
    Tried years ago to talk my parents into moving to one of these facilities but they wouldn't have a bar of it. Twelve years on and they are still living in their own home at 90 years of age, no friends, no money ( all tied up in the house ) only outings are to the doctors.
    My wife and I have already agreed we would love to get into one of these facilities at retirement. I be happy to pay body corporate fees if it looks after the place for me so I can enjoy myself. Bring it on.
    11th Nov 2016
    ' Ageing in Place' ie, living in your own home, is far preferable to living in a ' lease for life' senior citizens ' village'! Remaining in your community, also qualifying for assistance re home help with gardening, housework, home maintenance, is also available.Perhaps the 90 year olds mentioned below, would be qualified for a ' reverse' mortgage!
    11th Nov 2016
    You may qualify for assistance but in a lot of cases it is subsidised to a certain extent. Mostly you get it at a fraction of the actual cost. In some cases you can also get assistance with shopping, either somebody doing it for you, or taking you to and from a shopping centre. In some areas you may have access to a council community bus which is driven by volunteers. Due to a large increase in running costs some now charge a small fee - much cheaper than using a taxi.
    11th Nov 2016
    Where is the retirement guide or was it just an ad for real estate??


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