Say farewell to jet lag

Finally there’s an app that helps to fight the main downside to travel.

Say farewell to jet lag

Anyone who’s slept through the first day or so of their holiday, or arrived back from overseas only to toss and turn all night before falling asleep the next day, knows how inconvenient jet lag is.

Thankfully there’s now a free solution to this sleep-interfering problem. Created by The University of Michigan, Entrain is a free travel app that simulates your circadian clock on your phone and makes optimal lighting recommendations based on maths.

Designed to help you adjust as fast as possible to your new time zones and schedules, the recommendations, telling you to seek either light or dark, are based on research from the journal PLoS Computional Biology.

With the potential to save you from missing out on parts of your trip, not to mention falling asleep upright, it’s definitely worth testing out.

You can learn how to use Entrain at The University of Michigan website

RRP: Free – iTunes App Store


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    31st Jan 2015
    My wife and I have developed the ability to sleep during the flight. The sleep is terribly uncomfortable, intermittent and maybe even agonising. But when we arrive at the other end we have enough energy to go and do our food shopping for the week and organise the next day.
    We need help with the altitude, not the time clock.
    I have my doubts that an app is ever going to do anything other than make money for the developer.
    31st Jan 2015
    My wife and I have only had the one overseas trip but I have to agree with you, while sleep is a little uncomfortable and I wouldn't say unbroken, we both arrived at our destination after a 9.5 hour flight (west to east and overnight) feeling non the worse for wear. Our flight left Sydney at 9.20pm and we arrived in Honolulu at 11am. If anything the return flight was a little more draining - it was a 10 hour flight which left Honolulu just after midday and got into Sydney at 7.20pm. I think the issue there was because it was a daytime flight there wasn't the inclination to sleep like we had on the way over. We will always fly Hawaiian Airlines, couldn't really fault the airline or the crew but I know I will be paying that bit more next time for the extra leg room.
    Polly Esther
    31st Jan 2015
    I'll stand corrected on this, but the above blog states, the way I read it, that the mentioned app is free. Therefore anyone who believes they need help can perform an obligation free trial. If it works, great, if not then throw it away.
    3rd Feb 2015
    That does not help when you leave Canada in January in the snow & arrive back in Sydney in Jan. to a heat wave. made worse by bush fires everywhere including the perimeter of Sydney itself.

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