Seniors Travel Insurance for Australians

Travel insurance is something that many Australians don’t like to travel without but as we get older, the cost can become quite prohibitive. Getting the best deal on seniors travel insurance, as well as having the right cover for your trip and medical conditions, don’t always go hand-in-hand.

YourLifeChoices receives many questions about seniors travel insurance for older Australians and how to get the best deal. We understand the difficulties in getting seniors travel insurance once you reach a certain age or have a pre-existing medical condition, so we provide up-to-date information that will help you decide on the right policy for you.

The first question we’re often asked is whether or not you really need seniors travel insurance when taking a trip. While seniors travel insurance may seem like just another expensive add-on to your holiday, the costs that can be incurred if you don’t have it can be considerable. Having an accident, losing valuables or missing a flight are just some of the events that can happen that may have a disastrous effect on your trip. Although seniors travel insurance can’t stop any of the above, it does give you peace of mind that financially, at the very least, you’re covered.

The next question people ask is which level of cover is required?  Does budget cover what you need or does it pay to splash out on the highest level? This is obviously dependent on your budget, the type of travel you’re taking and your individual circumstances. If you’re going to lie on a beach for two weeks, there’s no point having a policy that covers you for extreme sports. YourLifeChoices travel insurance checklist will not only help you decide the level of cover you need, but also ensure you take the correct documentation with you when you travel.

Age is the next barrier that needs to be overcome when purchasing seniors travel insurance. Unfortunately, when it comes to travel insurance, experience doesn’t count for much. Travel insurance premiums will increase the older you get but many companies will cover individuals up until the age of about 86 years of age. If you find the quote for seniors travel insurance simply over budget, you may want to look at the level of cover you’ve selected or whether having a higher excess brings down the price.

And last, but by no means least, pre-existing medical conditions can be a stumbling block to being able to afford seniors travel insurance or excluded from cover altogether. Most travel insurance companies will have a list of pre-existing conditions for which they will cover you under a standard premium, will charge you extra to include or simply, will not cover under any circumstance. This can vary between companies so don’t assume that because you’ve either been covered or excluded on previous occasions, that this will always be the case.

Written by Drew

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