Debate: should killer nuts be banned from airplanes?

Have your say: should peanuts be banned from being served on airplanes?

peanuts and 7up on a plane

Recent events where children and adults have suffered severe reactions while flying have led to a robust debate about whether peanuts should be banned from being served on airplanes.

Peanut and other nut allergies are more common than many may realise, with around three in 20 young children having some type of nut allergy. Many will grow out of this, but around one in 50 children and one in 200 adults (who develop the potentially fatal anaphylaxis in later life) will remain allergic.

When notified that allergic passengers are on board, some airlines will either not serve nuts, will ensure that meals are nut-free or request that passengers don’t eat nuts during a flight.

Qantas  and Air New Zealand have banned peanuts from all flights, and some European carriers are also totally nut-free and even ask passengers not to bring them onboard.

But other airlines leave it up to parents, or people with the condition to take proper precaution. This would entail them bringing epinephrine injectors (EpiPens) onboard.

These accounts of reactions and near deaths have led a call for all airlines to stop serving nuts on planes.

An article published on has some good examples of how people feel about this issue.

Do you think it’s the responsibility of airlines to stop serving foods that could potentially be fatal? Or do you think it’s a passenger’s responsibility to manage their own allergies?



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    7th Oct 2017
    People should be responsible for their own health but should anything contains nuts there should be a prominent warning in packaging
    7th Oct 2017
    No surprises here. Ban it for everybody. What a mob of tossers
    7th Oct 2017
    A far greater problem is 'fragrances'. If I am offered nuts or any other foodstuff to which I may be allergic I can decline them but I have such discretion with fragrances. If another passenger (or crew member) boards doused in 'fragrance' everyone, including myself, who is rather sensitive to aromatic petrochemicals are adversely affected. This may range from mild to severe headache, difficulty breathing and in extreme cases anaphylaxis.
    16th Jun 2018
    Every person should be responsible for their own actions. I don't feel it is the airline that is responsible for your 'nut' allergies. The person who has them must inform the airline of any allergies they might have. We have enough of a 'Nanny State' as it. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.
    23rd Mar 2019
    Nuts should not be banned on flights. This person needs to exercise personal responsibility & if required use her Epipen. It was only a short flight so drive independently or with a friend or hire a car.

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