Sign option for dementia sufferers

Dementia sufferers may be able to opt to retain the right to sign for card purchases.

Sign option for dementia sufferers

Dementia sufferers who are concerned about the switch to PIN-only transactions for credit and debit cards may be able to opt to retain the right to sign for purchases.

Financial institutions will retain an option of signature-only for those customers with special requirements, including cognitive impairment. However, each institution will implement its own eligibility criteria for those seeking a sign-only card.

Alzheimer’s Australia National President Graeme Samuel AC welcomed the news. “The commitment by the major financial institutions to incorporate the use of a sign only card as part of the PINwise initiative comes as a relief to people with dementia and their carers,” Mr Samuel said. He also said, “There are going to be some functional differences with the sign-only cards between the banks. For example, some sign only cards may not be able to be used at Automated Teller Machines (ATM).”

Dementia sufferers and their carers are urged to consult their banks about what options are available, however, you can find out more by visiting


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    22nd Jul 2014
    Yes I believe WE NEED to be able to KEEP signing. Numbers aren't enough
    22nd Jul 2014
    Rules for some.....different rules for dementia suffers. But will they remember their own names, that is the question?
    22nd Jul 2014
    It doesn't matter if they forget their name, because presumably this will still be imprinted on the card. The PIN number won't be.
    Polly Esther
    22nd Jul 2014
    Apologies for how this may sound to some, but will they remember and also be capable of signing legibly, yes the same thing went through my mind when I read the article.
    22nd Jul 2014
    What was that :)
    22nd Jul 2014
    I wonder how many people with recognised dementia actually have a credit card? Surely people with this horrible disease would have a power of attorney looking after their financial affairs?
    23rd Jul 2014
    Of course they should be able to sing! Other than that have some relative as a power of Authority !
    23rd Jul 2014
    Yes, I agree, and they ought to be allowed to hold a passbook a/c, - all elderly ought to be allowed.

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