Smart suitcase

Introducing the world’s first smart carry-on suitcase by Bluesmart.

Smart suitcase

It was only a matter of time before technology and travel gave birth to this baby. Introducing the world’s first smart carry-on suitcase by Bluesmart.

After having a few bad experiences with their luggage, the co-founders of Bluesmart came up with this innovative idea. Making the most of the amazing technology available today, Bluesmart’s first product was designed to be a suitcase for this century.

Using micro-sensors, actuators and a microcomputer with GPS that communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth, users can lock, unlock, weigh, locate and track their suitcase and trips. The easy-to-use Bluesmart app also syncs with the suitcase and online travel services to provide reports, smart notifications and alerts.

So, why do you want one? Forget about keys or combinations and luggage scales, not only can you lock and unlock your suitcase from the phone app, you can also see the exact weight and whether it’s approved by the airline to carry on. The GPS technology tracks the location so you don’t lose it and you’ll even be sent an SMS when you’re leaving your suitcase behind!

Finally, the inbuilt battery charger can recharge two devices up to six times while on the go – say goodbye to airport boredom!

RRP: from US$195 - Bluesmart

Why not watch the video to learn more?


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    29th Nov 2014
    Shouldn't they first invent a gadget that does all these wonderful things with my smartphone which I regularly misplace and even lost a few times?
    29th Nov 2014
    Now here is a product I can well do without. Whoever dreamed this up has obviously never travelled.
    If you leave your luggage at the airport you can bet that someone will very quickly find it for you, like security. Airlines are becoming aware of people taking extra weight on board via hand luggage so the last thing one wants is a 'bag' that uses up too much of the weight allowance. Newer aircraft now have charging facilities at the seat, even in economy, so why would you want to 'haul down' a suitcase to charge something even if the cabin crew allow you to leave it in the aisle. With heightened airport security one may have to show that any electronic device taken on board as hand luggage has a working battery, if not the item is confiscated, so that does away with the need to be able to charge something at the last minute. Anyway, I've yet to come across an International Airport that doesn't have charging terminals. And who locks hand luggage? Try doing that if you're flying to the States!

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