Flash Poll: Is private health insurance really worth it?


    Escalating living costs are prompting many Australians to question the value of private health insurance, as health fund providers negotiate with the government on the next set of premium hikes.

    Health insurance, private or public, is a point of unceasing debate. Aussies are doing what they can to keep it, some dropping extras cover to cover mortgage costs, others debating whether to keep extras and waive hospital cover. Some are giving up cover altogether.

    Australia’s healthcare system offers citizens and permanent residents free or low-cost care. However, private health insurance often covers private rooms and bypasses longer public health waiting lists.

    Each person faces unique healthcare needs, taking into account current conditions and probable future events. Often, a private health insurance plan customised to individual circumstances is economically sound.

    But the decision requires careful examination of your health now and what might be expected in the future. Getting the best healthcare plan for your needs and your budget can be challenging.

    We’d like to know whether you think private health insurance is really worth it? By answering this quick poll, we can create content that helps you make better decisions about health insurance.

    • Question of

      What type of private health insurance do you have?

      • Hospital
      • Extras
      • Combined
      • None
    • Question of

      How much do you pay a month for private health insurance?

      • $0 (I don’t have it)
      • $1-$100 per month
      • $101-$300 per month
      • $301-$500 per month
      • More than $501 per month
    • Question of

      Do you think the cost of private health insurance is

      • very cheap
      • a little cheaper than I was expecting
      • good value for money
      • slightly expensive
      • very expensive
    • Question of

      Do you think private health insurance is worth it?

      • Yes
      • No
      • Unsure
    • Question of

      Open question inviting them to expand on the answers above

      • Yes
      • No


    1. I think having private health insurance is a bit like the lotto. You shell out the cost and rarely get anything back but you still buy it. Unlike the lotto its not something you will use this week or next week but eventually you will need it.