Poll: Who do you think should be on the new $5 banknote?


    Last week, YourLifeChoices discussed the controversial news that the likeness of King Charles III would not replace that of his mother on Australia’s new $5 banknote.

    Some have praised the move as a step in the right direction, but the move has offended many staunch monarchists.

    Which got us thinking, if we don’t put King Charles on the note, then who else is worthy? So we’ve put our heads together to list a number of prominent people we think could get the nod, and want to know what you think.

    If the person you’d like to nominate isn’t on the list, make sure to let us know your pick in the comments section below.

    • Who do you think deserves to be represented on Australia’s banknotes the most?

      • King Charles
      • Cathy Freeman
      • Sir Robert Menzies
      • Gina Rinehart
      • Margot Robbie
      • Hugh Jackman
      • Sir Don Bradman
      • Rod Laver
      • Eddie Mabo
      • Julia Gillard
      • Sir Charles Kingsford Smith
      • None of the above


    1. I think Slim Dusty would be the most appropriate person for the $5 note.
      He has done a lot in promoting Australia, is recognized by everyone and needs to be fondly remembered for what he has achieved.

    2. I think that the image of King Charles should follow on as per previous years.
      Why are we trying to destroy every historical record, place, building names, statures etc just because the some people don’t like the past or the people who created it. Regardless of whether the past was to our liking or not, without history- good or bad we never existed.
      If we depart from the tradition of using the reigning monarch’s image, we have to make an important decision as to what other tradition should be followed. It should not be some current or recent ad hoc choice.

    3. There are many greater Olympians who have won more than a solitary gold medal, over more than one Olympic Games, so neither Cathy Freeman or anyone else, warrant being on a note based on one sporting moment.
      I like the idea of unique Australian animals/mammals etc, significant internationally recognised symbols of Australia such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, even a map of Australia (with Tasmania).
      No more politicians and definitely no royal family, as we are steadily heading towards being a republic. Even Charles totally understands that.
      JayVee’s picture of a Platypus in the outline map of Australia has merit also.

    4. Sick of the money wasting exercises done by our government. Time they paid aged pensioners for the years of work and payment of taxes over all those years. The rich just take from the poor all the time