It’s not the Boxing Day Test, it’s the Boxing Day Quiz!

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    If you’re nursing a sore head or you ate too much yesterday and just need some light entertainment – that’s not the Boxing Day Test – you’re in the right place. Time to test if you were paying attention in 2022.

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      What are the colours of the Ukrainian flag from top to bottom?

      • Blue, white then yellow
      • Blue then yellow
      • White, blue then yellow
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      A giant radio telescope is being built in which Australian state or territory?

      • Western Australia
      • South Australia
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      Olivia Newton-John died on 8 August 2022. In which country and city was she born?

      • Australia (Sydney)
      • England (Cambridge)
      • New Zealand (Wellington)
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      Who replaced Boris Johnson as British PM?

      • David Cameron
      • Rishi Sunak
      • Liz Truss
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      How long did the answer to question 4 last as prime minister?

      • 6 months
      • Less than 2 months
      • 4 months
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      Former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe died in July. How?

      • Stabbed in the heart
      • COVID
      • Shot in the back
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      In October, Elon Musk bought a major social media platform. Was it:

      • Twitter
      • TikTok
      • Instagram
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      A world champion tennis player was deported from Australia in January because of his COVID vaccination status. Who?

      • Daniil Medvedev
      • Novak Djokovic
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      In May, Anthony Albanese became the fourth Labor leader to win a federal election from opposition since World War II. Who were the other three?

      • Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke and Kevin Rudd
      • Kevin Rudd, Gough Whitlam and Bill Shorten
      • Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke and Paul Keating
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      In the May federal election, every state and territory swung to Labor on a two-party preferred basis except one. Which one?

      • South Australia
      • ACT
      • Tasmania
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      The Queen’s reign spanned how many British prime ministers?

      • 15
      • 17
      • 10
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      Shane Warne died in March aged 52. Where was he?

      • Bali
      • Thailand
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      Who was Australia’s governor-general throughout 2022?

      • Quentin Bryce
      • David Hurley
      • Margaret Beazley
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      Who won Rugby League’s 2022 State of Origin series?

      • New South Wales
      • Queensland
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      Who did Australia defeat in the Qatar World Cup?

      • Denmark and Tunisia
      • Tunisa and Sweden
      • Tunisia and Argentina
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      Victorian Jakara Anthony won a gold medal at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing in which event?

      • Snowboarding
      • Moguls
      • Alpine skiing
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      Judith Durham died on 5 August. Which city hosted her state funeral?

      • Sydney
      • Brisbane
      • Melbourne
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      Which Disney classic turned 30 in 2022?

      • Aladdin
      • The Lion King
      • Beauty and the Beast
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      Which horse won the 2022 Melbourne Cup?

      • High Emocean
      • Emissary
      • Gold Trip
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      In which month did Queen Elizabeth die?

      • July
      • August
      • September