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GP helpline

What do you do if it’s the middle of the night and you’re feeling unwell but a trip to hospital seems extreme? A new after hours GP helpline could allay your fears until the morning. n

Federal Government

Is the US taking over?

If you blinked, you may have missed Barack Obama’s whirlwind visit. During his 28 hour trip down under, Obama announced the strengthening of the military alliance between the US and Australia by basing US Marines in the Northern Territory. Do you agree that the influx of American troops is beneficial to Australia, or have we opened the back door to a mini-US takeover?

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Publisher’s Pick – Mediterranean cruises less than $100 per night

There was a time when cruising was the preserve of the rich. But over the past decade that has changed and now most travellers can…

Federal Government

Set-top boxes explained

Is the government-funded set-top box really new? The 2011/12 Federal Budget delivered continued funding for the Household Assistance Scheme to provide eligible pensioners with a free set-top box. As this is already in operation, it seems strange that the announcement provoked such political backlash. n