Is working longer the key to a healthier retirement?

While the thought of slaving away for an extra three years is just too much to bear for many Australians, research from the US indicates that working longer may actually be beneficial.


Increasing pension age to 70 will hurt older workers: AIST

The Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees urges the Government to consider the high levels of involuntary retirement before raising the Age Pension eligibility age to 70.

Federal Budget 2017

Age Pension: qualifying age increase still on the cards

Discussion on raising the Age Pension qualifying age to 70 had gone relatively quiet but this measure survived the dump of zombie legislation announced as part of Budget 2017.


Smouldering at 70

Barbara Streisand, one of the most successful entertainers in modern history, is still going strong after turning 70 this year. Who else joins Barbara in our list of stars who simply smoulder as they get older?

Health Checks

Demystifying prostate cancer

One in every 11 men will develop prostate cancer by the age of 70. What if it’s you? It can be difficult to start thinking about prostate cancer, and even harder to do something about it. Catching prostate cancer early is the best way to ensure it is ‘curable’. n