Centrelink – Services Australia

Robo-debt Senate inquiry starts

Representatives of the community sector have told the Senate inquiry into Centrelink’s debt recovery system that the program is unfair, inhumane and an abuse of government power.


ACOSS to fight welfare changes

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) is preparing to fight the Government over its plans to crack down on welfare and soften its stance on super changes.


ACOSS $9.5 billion savings plan

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) has handed the Government a plan to save around $9.5 billion a year, in the hope that some funds will be redirected towards social services.


Should over 65s pay income tax?

ACOSS, along with unions, welfare and business groups are calling on Canberra to remain open-minded about tax reform ahead of the National Reform Summit.

Age Pension

An end to indexation uncertainty?

ACOSS recommendations call for a review of eligibility for a part Age Pension, rather than changing the pension indexation method.


What are the Age Pension changes?

Debate is raging about the proposed changes to pension indexation and how this will affect those on the Age Pension. Yet still there is some confusion as to whether this legislation, if passed, will actually mean you receive a lower Age Pension payment. So, to help clarify what is being proposed, below is exactly what was announced in the 2014/15 Federal Budget.


2.5 million living in poverty

A report released this week shows that 13.9 per cent of Australians live in poverty.