Social Networking

Facebook: could you be unwittingly addicted?

Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? Is your thumb sore from scrolling through your news feed? Are you an addict?

Health News

Phantom vibration syndrome: do you have it?

Have you ever felt your phone vibrate in your pocket or bag only to check it and discover there are no messages or calls? Then you may have phantom vibration syndrome.

Health News

Febfast: does giving up alcohol for a month really help?

Abstaining from alcohol for a month, whether it’s during febfast, Dry July or Ocsober, may not be the best way to improve your health, but will it improve your relationship with the demon drink?

Health News

Erasing selected memories

Scientists now believe they may be able to erase selected memories, which could aid in the recovery of addicts and trauma victims. Is this fact or fiction?

Promotion of betting on TV

With all the fuss about poker machines, it seems somewhat hypocritical to be promoting betting at every turn on TV. If it is not being advertised through a specific advertisement, it is subliminally included in any sports program, with the odds being shown. Is anyone else disgusted at the enormous amount of betting information currently on TV?

Vacationing with technology

More people are using technology on holiday than ever before

Mr iPhone’s Holiday

More people are using the internet to plan holidays than for work

Addiction spares nobody

The passing of Whitney Houston over the weekend is yet another reminder of how addiction can strike anyone, no matter how rich or poor you are. While the actual cause of death is still unknown to the public, Houston’s tough battle against drugs sparked a decline in her health over recent years. Being a public figure, this battle has been played out on our TV screens and in gossip magazines the world over. It’s a decline that has now sadly ended with her dying at the age of 48. Far too young.

Take responsibility for your own actions

In previous years when watching these ‘Fat TV’ reality shows, one message has been crystal clear ? you are the problem and you need to change that problem.