Health news

Could excessive drinking ruin this relationship?

John is happy in his new relationship, until his partner has a drink that is. Should he hang around and deal with the issue or cut his losses and run? Jo Lamble has some sage advice.


How to make or break a habit in three steps

Whether you want to start brushing twice daily or stop biting your nails, most of us have at least one habit we should make or break. It all comes down to these three steps.


Five things you should never say to someone you love

Whether it’s your mum, husband or wife or a good friend you’ve known for years. Here are five things to avoid saying in an argument to keep the peace and preserve your relationship.


Relationships: how to spot the signs yours is going wrong

Would you be able to spot the warning signs that your relationship is in trouble? Jo Lamble gives you a heads up on what to look for and how to get things back on track.


Travel SOS: taking advice from DFAT

Christine is about to take a big trip but with the unrest in the world, her friends are suggesting she rethink her plans. In Travel SOS, Lee Mylne looks at the validity of DFAT travel advice.

Technology News

The three best websites for technology how-tos and helpful hints

We live in a wonderful world of technology. But sadly, TVs go on the fritz, computers crack up, codes break and phones don’t behave – so learn how to fix disobedient technology with the help of these top tech tips sites.


Travel checklist: people to notify before you travel

So, you’re making arrangements to travel overseas. Before you zip up your suitcase and leave it all behind, take a moment to notify these people before you travel.

Finance News

Start the financial year properly

The new financial year is a good time to make a plan for getting your finances back on track. Here are five simple steps to help you on your way.


Writing your online dating profile

It is a daunting prospect deciding what to write in an online profile. Most of us need to make a real effort to stand out from the pack.


Quick guide to life insurance

While life insurance may be taken out by anyone, the younger you are, the less thought it’s given. However, as you grow older, your thoughts turn to securing your financial future.

Banking & Investment

Learn from your financial mistakes

Everyone has made mistakes, after all, we’re only human, and it’s likely that some of our mistakes relate to finances. While mistakes can’t always be avoided, you can try and learn from them, including those commonly made by others.

Health & Ageing

Health tips for over 50s

As people move into their 50s, 60s and beyond, health problems may become more numerous and more varied.

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