Retirement Affordability Index

Retirement Affordability Index™ June 2019

YourLifeChoices experts outline the latest government retirement income rules and changes, detail the allowances and discount programs on offer to retirees and offer guidance on navigating the complexities of retirement income.

Living in retirement

Health and transport drive up household costs

Transport has been a significant driver of price increases in the past year, mainly due to higher petrol prices.

Finance News

How to help Paula pay the bills and have money to spare

Paula struggles from week to week to pay essential bills. We asked financial adviser Duncan Collie how he would improve her situation.

Finance News

Future looks rosy for Affluent Couple – or does it?

Affluent tribe couple Jeff and Marion have a $420,000 super nest egg, but Emmett Wilkinson warns that without a retirement income strategy, the future looks challenging.

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Guide to keeping up to date with retirement income changes

The latest pension rates, supplement details, and asset and income test thresholds.

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Can couples structure savings to ensure income for life?

Financial adviser Michael Horan was set the task of helping Constrained Couple Jenny and Peter enjoy their retirement without fearing they would run out of money.


‘Great moral crisis’ in Australia is hurting pensioners

Australia is in the midst of “a great moral crisis”, according to Brotherhood of St Laurence Executive Director Conny Lenneberg.


Should you consider downsizing your home?

There can be a number of reasons for downsizing your home, with one of the most common being simply to live somewhere more manageable and user friendly. What are your thoughts?


Energy bills: what to do if you can’t pay

Chances are there will be an energy bill or two hitting your mailbox sometime soon. If the thought of this fills you with dread, what can you do if you’re experiencing payment difficulties?


Simple savings in retirement

With interest rates low and the cost of living not getting any cheaper, many people on a fixed income are looking to reduce their expenses. Here are nine ways you may be able to save your dollars.

Finance News

How to balance your budget by cutting power bills

As anyone trying to reduce their power bills will know, it’s often the standard supply that makes up the bulk of the charges so shopping around is important – here’s what you should consider.


A bleak future for pensioners who don’t own a home

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has calculated the housing costs of older Australians and, unsurprisingly, those who own their home are sitting pretty compared to private renters.

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