Unemployed older Australians fear further pension age increases

Federal Government plans to reintroduce legislation to raise the pension age to 70 by 2035 has many unemployed older Australians terrified of future pension age increases.


Should the Government fork out for midlife training?

If the Government wants to increase the Age Pension age, shouldn’t it be responsible for improving the employment opportunities for older people? Midlife education may be the key.


The ageing revolution crisis

Age Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan told the National Press Club of the need to recognise and embrace the economic potential of older workers.


Age discrimination not about who has the job

The short answer is no – factually and emphatically no! But here’s a longer answer that explains why this damaging claim is simply untrue.


How do we achieve more inclusion for older workers?

Australians who are willing and able to work should be allowed to do so, is the conclusion of a wide-ranging report into age and disability discrimination in the workplace.


Age discrimination uncovered

Have you felt targeted by age discrimination? Apia’s research shows that two thirds of Australians over 50 feel that they have been subjected to ageism in their daily lives.


Calls to criminalise elder abuse

A New South Wales Parliamentary committee is looking into elder abuse, as lawyers call for tougher penalties, fearing the problem will worsen as our population ages.


How to fight age discrimination

Today is International Day of Older Persons, so Susan Ryan shows you how to fight age discrimination – and claim your rights – in five steps.


Council denies unfair dismissal

In order to avoid paying redundancy to an employee who had worked for it for 62 years, Launceston City Council is under suspicion of unfairly firing the 79-year-old.


Retiring at 60 a pipedream

The FSC–CBA Older Workers Report released yesterday has found that the notion of retiring at 60 is becoming unrealistic with the majority of Australians still willing to work past 60.


Age discrimination at work

What is the extent of age discrimination in Australian workplaces? What can you do if you experience this? Susan Ryan has the answer.


How to dump the stereotyping

Our Age and Disability Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan shows how you can help to dump the unfair stereotyping of older people.

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