Australian family facing unclear future in UK

An Australian family, who have made Scotland their home, faces deportation after the UK Government cancelled their visa category, which was designed to attract young families to areas with ageing populations.


Ageing population a global problem

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) low interest rates coupled with an ageing population is proving problematic for the global economy.

Mental Health

Dementia stigma cause for concern

According to a new report from Alzheimer’s Australia WA, the stigma attached to dementia is the number one concern for people who live with this condition.


Dr Karl and the IGR

High profile scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has withdrawn his support for the Abbott Government’s Intergenerational Report, describing it as flawed.


Who’s worried about ageing?

By 2050 the global population of those aged over 65 is expected to triple to 1.5 billion. But Which countries are worried, and which don’t think it’s a problem? Pew Research’s latest paper on global attitudes to ageing is a real eye-opener.


Ageing population not a burden

The increasing cost of the Age Pension is not due to demographic ageing.


Who cares for the nurses?

About 40 per cent of nurses are aged 50 and over, many with serious health conditions.

Too much information

Fewer taxpayers and more people living in retirement means a ticking time bomb

Ageing population no burden

Speaking after a seniors forum held on Tuesday at Hamilton in Victoria, the Shadow Minister for Seniors Senator Bronwyn Bishop said she was determined to remove the publics perception that the ageing population is to blame for the nation’s rising health bill as they contributed to only 20% of the increase.

Being productive on aged care

There’s no secret to the fact that Australia is facing a shortage of affordable aged care facilities and nurses. That’s why the recent Production Commission Report into Aged Care, Caring for Older Australians, is fundamental in planning for an ageing population. But did they get it right?