Where you live could affect how long you live, study finds

If you are considering a tree change, this study might give you pause for thought.

Finance News

Taxing wealth can solve ageing population's health woes

There is no reason why Australia's ageing population should put health budgets under pressure, given the amount of untaxed wealth in the economy.

Health & Ageing

Are you ageing successfully?

There's no one way to age successfully, but there are plenty of ways to go about extending your lifespan while improving your health and psychological wellbeing. Physiotherapist Kate Roberts explains how.

Health News

Nine in 10 support voluntary assisted dying, unless they're over 70

Nine in 10 Australians back voluntary assisted dying and two thirds say it should be an option even if a person's condition isn't terminal, says a new report.


Why your blood pressure changes with age and how to manage it

Pharmacist explains the difference between stable and high blood pressure, why your blood pressure changes with age and ways to help lower and treat high readings.

Health news

What our 'kidney clock' can tell us about our age on the inside

Someone with reduced kidney function is probably a lot older biologically than their last birthday would indicate, says Dr Norman Swan.


Key to happiness may be how older adults arrange their living space

A new study suggests there may be some truth behind the saying 'home is where the heart is'.


Learning a little humility harder for the alpha male

We all deal with ageing in our own way, but for the alpha male, the loss of power and prestige can be galling, writes Peter Leith.

Mental Health

How storytelling is helping us better understand ageing and loneliness

During the pandemic, loneliness has swept through all generations, with the mental and physical health issues that come with it. Here's how storytelling is helping.


New research dispels sex myths about older people

Survey finds over-50s are having more sex than their younger counterparts, putting paid to the belief that the desire for intimacy diminishes with age.

Your Health

Meaningful activities the key to happy ageing - and a longer life

Aussie researchers say that staying engaged in meaningful activities ensures happiness and longevity.

Brain health

Scientists find the source of superagers' memory

Researchers discover the brains of superagers more closely resemble those of young adults.

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