Podcast: Older Australians Wellbeing Index, the first of its kind

Publisher, Leon Della Bosca joins John Deeks to discuss the encouraging results from the YourLifeChoices Older Australians Wellbeing Index 2020/21.


Seven trends that will better integrate ageing Australians into their

Emerging housing and planning solutions will better integrate older Australians into our cities, helping to solve the ageing population problem.

Income and asset tests

Experts propose including home in the pension assets test

Despite its unpopularity, including the family home in the assets test for the Age Pension is the idea that just won’t go away. The Certified…

Health news

Parasites could play a role in preventing ageing and living longer

Parasitic worms could hold the key to living longer and free of chronic disease.

Health news

Science uncovers foods that fight ageing and improve brain health

Super foods chia seeds and curcumin offer incredible health benefits to older adults, according to some new research.


Missing mineral that explains why you are ageing faster

If you feel as though you may be ageing faster than your parents, you could be right. It’s possible your diet is not packed with as many vitamins and minerals as they ate.

Health & Ageing

Study finds age is no barrier to successful weight loss

Obese patients over the age of 60 can lose an equivalent amount of weight to that of younger people, using only lifestyle changes.


Older Australians much tougher than you think

New research from Australian Seniors reveals what many of us already know – older people are much tougher than most people think.


Can you imagine a world without ageism?

EveryAGE Counts, the national advocacy campaign against ageism (spearheaded by The Benevolent Society), is set to host a free virtual event centred on building a world without ageism this coming Tuesday 24 November, 10.30am – 11.30am (AEDST).


Why you bruise so easily

Being susceptible to bruising can be inherited, or due to a number of factors including ageing, diet, medications, supplements, alcohol consumption, diabetes, exercise and even cancer.

Health & Ageing

Australians reveal their attitudes towards ageing

Australians actually have a positive attitude towards people aged over 70, and value their contributions to work and the community.

Health & Ageing

Friday Reflection: Wisdom of older Australians often undervalued

Tony laments that the experience of older generations is too often ignored.

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