Can you imagine a world without ageism?

Ashton Applewhite joins John and Leon to talk about a world without ageism.


Being good at your job won't stop age discrimination

Research reveals how and why managers generally mark down older job applicants.


Can you imagine a world without ageism?

EveryAGE Counts, the national advocacy campaign against ageism (spearheaded by The Benevolent Society), is set to host a free virtual event centred on building a world without ageism this coming Tuesday 24 November, 10.30am – 11.30am (AEDST).


Stopping ageism

Dr. Marlene Krasovitsky, discussed the negative impacts of ageism, including employment discrimination.


What do this pole dancer, surfer and martial arts expert have in common?

Older Australians are dynamic, youthful and courageous, according to new research, and we shouldn’t be surprised.


Many see ageism as socially acceptable, but it can be stopped

Ageism is the most socially acceptable prejudice on the planet, according to the World Health Organisation.

Federal Election 2019

Older Australians are tired of being treated like a burden

Older Australians are tired of being treated like an economic burden, say YourLifeChoices members, with 75 per cent saying they are treated as a liability by governments and the community in general.


Friday Flash Poll: Are older people a burden on society?

We want to know how you view older people. Are they a burden on society? Have their contributions been overlooked? Are you tired of feeling disrespected? Let us know in our Friday Flash Poll.


Tax laws penalising older workers

Older Australians are being encouraged to work for longer, but it’s far from a level playing field with the tax laws costing some thousands of dollars.

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Six over-50s strip naked in protest against ageism

Six people aged between 50 and 65 have bared all in their fight against ‘everyday ageism’ and ageism in advertising.


Baby boomers fuelling a trillion-dollar market

Baby boomers are fuelling a burgeoning global market – labelled the silver economy – estimated to be worth $15 trillion by 2020.

Health & Ageing

Are you ageist? Why not take the quiz and find out?

Yesterday, EveryAGE Counts launched a quiz aimed at challenging negative attitudes and beliefs in an effort to find out who is ageist – be it conscious or unconscious.

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