Baby boomers fuelling a trillion-dollar market

Baby boomers are fuelling a burgeoning global market – labelled the silver economy – estimated to be worth $15 trillion by 2020.

Health & Ageing

Are you ageist? Why not take the quiz and find out?

Yesterday, EveryAGE Counts launched a quiz aimed at challenging negative attitudes and beliefs in an effort to find out who is ageist – be it conscious or unconscious.


Employers’ attitudes changing but 30% still ageist

A survey has found employers’ attitudes are slowly changing, but 30 per cent are still reluctant to take on workers over 50.

Job Counselling

Ageism is alive and well in the jobs market

Ageism is alive and well in the jobs market, according to YourLifeChoices members.


EveryAGE Counts aims to protect the rights of older people

Are you ageist? That’s the question being asked of every Australian as the new EveryAGE Counts campaign tries to tackle ageism, discrimination and protect the rights of older people.


Ageism is a part of daily life for older Australians

An overwhelming number of older Australians experience ageism in their daily lives, says the results of the YourLifeChoices Friday Flash Poll Ageism: How it works and how it affects the afflicted.


Friday Flash Poll: Is ageism as bad as racism and sexism?

From insults and abuse to subtle comments behind an older person’s back, ageism take many forms. But is it as bad as racism and sexism? We want to know what you think about ageism.

Health & Ageing

Psychology professor suggests the root cause of ageism

Older Australians aren’t being paranoid when they complain about ageism in the workplace or in society in general – it’s a real thing – and psychology professor Mike Nicholls suggests the root cause.


Government pledges $15 million to protect older Australians

The Turnbull Government has made a $15 million election pledge to protect the rights of older Australians and safeguard them from elder abuse.


Project aims to turn hobbies into cash businesses

Money for Jam aims to help women regain their self-esteem and earn money in the face of growing discrimination. It is designed to assist those at risk of poverty turn their hobbies into micro-enterprises.


The “untapped wealth of wisdom” of older workers

What role can older Australians play in today’s society? According to Assistant Minister for Health, Ken Wyatt, drawing on the wisdom of older workers is the key to our future prosperity.


Age discrimination uncovered

Have you felt targeted by age discrimination? Apia’s research shows that two thirds of Australians over 50 feel that they have been subjected to ageism in their daily lives.

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