Dear QF10, where is my bag?

Kaye Fallick loses her luggage on a Qantas flight and asks whether her gold frequent flyer status really worth the cost. This is what she had to say.


Is it a plane? No, it’s a pub

What’s better than enjoying an icy cold beer? Enjoying it on a plane obviously. Carlton Draft has launched the first pub on a plane in the lead up to its flying pub tour.

Travel News

Don’t lose your points

The end of Woolworths’ partnership with Qantas’ Frequent Flyer program may not mean much to some, but for others it could result in the loss of hard-earned points.

England, Scotland & Wales

Heathrow transit times

There are airports that should be avoided when transiting – and London Heathrow is one such hub. But if the price is right, how long does it take to cross this airport?

England, Scotland & Wales

Save on UK passenger duty

The UK is a popular destination for Australian travellers, yet few may be aware that a simple route change could save you hundreds of dollars on your airfare.

Technology News

Would you fly on a pilotless jet?

Would you fly on a pilotless plane? The days of total automation are just around the corner, but will you be ready to trust the machines?

Food to be flight ready

Find out the best foods to eat before a flight (and which ones to avoid) to ensure you are in tip-top shape to travel.


Assisted travel

YOURLifeChoices member Ruth is keen to fly to New Zealand but after having heart surgery, she needs a little assistance to help her navigate the airport.