Dynamic pricing: what is it and how will it affect your airfare?

Just when you thought finding the best airfare was confusing enough, dynamic pricing is here to make matters worse by personalising the price you are shown.


Have you ever wondered why luggage goes missing?

For every 1000 global passengers travelling by air, almost six pieces of luggage were misplaced, according to authorities.


Long haul travel like a pro

While you can’t control the time it takes to get to the majority of the rest of the world from our land down under, there are many ways you can make it as painless as possible.


Are you a good plane pal?

While we all like to think we’re a dream to sit next to when it comes to travelling, the reality isn’t always as sweet. Take our plane etiquette quiz and find out how you rate.


Four foods to never take on a plane

When it comes to travel, not all foods are created equal. While it’s almost always necessary to BYO food when travelling these days, here are four food groups to avoid at all costs.


Stop everything and watch the latest safety video success

British Airways have done the impossible and made SJ pay attention to the safety briefing with their new six-minute, star-studded safety video. See what all the fuss is about.

Travel News

Making the most of travel time

Long gone are the days when I resented time spent travelling. Far from wasted hours, with some preparation, your travel time can be some of the most productive time you have.


Could alcohol be banned at airports?

Not exactly the most action-packed places, one way to while away the time at airports is to have a drink. But that could all be about to change if one airline gets its way.


What should you do if you miss your flight?

Missing your flight need not be the end of the world or your holiday. Here’s how to handle the situation and get to where you need to be with as little extra time and money as possible.


There’s a reason why planes are always so cold

If you’re anything like SJ, one of your qualms about air travel is probably the Antarctic-like temperatures on board. Thankfully, we have an answer to why it’s always so cold on planes.


This Australian airport lounge is in the top 10 in the world

Gurus of all things airline, Skytrax has revealed the top 10 independent airport lounges and one of them is right here in Australia.


How to get travel upgrades

It would be hard to come by someone who wouldn’t want an upgrade while travelling. So how can you turn this dream into a reality?

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