What not to wear at airport security

Here’s exactly what not to wear and do at airport security unless you'd like to get held up, sent to the screener - or worse have the entire contents of your bag gone through publicly.

Travelling On A Budget

The best time to book flights according to Skyscanner

As you may have suspected, there is a right and a wrong time to book flights. It’s now official. The best time to book flights from Australia is …


Flying: how to make Economy feel like First Class

Even if you haven’t forked out the cash, you can still have a first-class flight. Here’s how to recreate the rich flying experience on an economy budget.


How to get a good sleep in a seat

Sleeping in a seat is no easy feat. Thankfully we’ve got six tried and tested tips to help you make the most of travel time by catching up on any accumulated sleep debt.


Turbulence is only going to get worse

Regardless of what side of the climate change fence you’re sitting on, scientists have said that turbulence on planes is only going to get worse.


What travel taught me in 2016

In the spirit of sharing and caring, SJ imparts the top 10 takeaways her 2016 travels provided. Have you made these mistakes yourself or can you learn from her lessons?


10 scary things you didn’t know about flying

Aviation may have come a long way to now being one of the safer forms of transport. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some rather hair-raising facts that happen at 10,000 feet.


A clever trick to secure cheaper flights

Are you looking to save money on flight costs? Thanks to this little-known ‘best-price guarantee’, you can pay even less for your budget airline airfare.


Budget airline CEO says we could be flying for free in 10 years

‘Free’ and ‘flights’ are not two words that usually go hand in hand. However, this is exactly what airline hopes to do within the next decade.


Age is no barrier for the world’s oldest flight attendant

Proving that age is nothing but a number this flight attendant has been soaring the skies for almost six decades with no signs of stopping at 80 years of age.


London to Melbourne no jet lag included

Despite dedicating many hours to jet lag avoidance research, I seem to always find myself falling asleep at dinner tables at 7pm for the week following a flight. Until this time that is.


Top 10 airlines for 2017

Choosing which airline to fly with isn’t easy at the best of times. Thankfully, Airline Ratings has released their top ten – all with a seven-star safety rating to boot.

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