Air New Zealand's Christmas anthem

Air New Zealand, king of safety videos, have gone one step further and created a summer Christmas anthem for the Southern hemisphere.


Sexiest airline lounge in the world

Recent travel polls reveal that frequent air travellers regard the airline lounge as important as the inflight experience. With this in mind, Kaye is happy to share her pick for the sexiest lounge around.


Seat 16C on Vueling flight 6228

SJ recently endured a ‘nightmare’ flight on the Spanish budget airline, Vuelling. Although it may not have been funny for her at the time, her recollection of the journey will at least make you smile.


How the other half fly: Crystal Cruises’ private jet

Taking luxury to all new heights Crystal Cruises is travelling from one end of the earth to the other swapping cruise ships for planes with their latest offering of air travel.


Tarmac sprint before take-off

If you’ve ever thought about running after your plane, this man shows you what can happen. The footage of his tarmac sprint has to be seen to be believed.

Health news

Five germiest places on planes

A recent report confirmed that planes are infested with germs. Here are the five grimiest areas to avoid on your next flight.


How to spend time when your flight’s delayed

So your flight’s been delayed and now you’re faced with the waiting game. Here are 15 ways to spend the additional time before take-off – no sitting and sulking included.


How to travel with only carry-on baggage

On some airlines, checked luggage can be a costly choice. These tips for travelling with carry-on will help you sidestep those pesky surcharges.


And the world’s best airline is …

They say children, drunks and leggings don’t lie, but neither do 20 million travellers. Let’s find out what they had to say …


Best and worst of Australian airlines

Ever wondered which Australian airline is the biggest offender for delays and cancellations? A recent report reveals the best and worst of domestic carriers.


Beating the Qantas booking charge for credit cards

Airfare booking fees keep rising at an alarming rate, especially with a credit card. So, we’ve found a way to beat Qantas’ credit card surcharge to help you cut the cost of flying.


How to enjoy a long haul flight

Once upon a time flying was a sophisticated, romantic experience that people looked forward to. Here’s how to bring back the joy of flying on long journeys.

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