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Airbus’ new plane the people built

It seems only fair that if we are the ones who have to sit on planes, often for prolonged periods of time, that we should have some say in how we do so. So we present Airbus’ new cabin design, designed by the people for the people.

Travelling On A Budget

Should you fly EasyJet?

Travelling around Europe is not an inexpensive exercise. But there are good and bad ways to spend money, so into which category does flying EasyJet fall?

England, Scotland & Wales

Your go-to guide to London airports

You could be forgiven for thinking that London had one airport that starts with a H and ends in eathrow. But with six airports, we thought a go-to guide was important. Here it is.

Travel News

Must see: Qantas’ controversial new safety video

Qantas’ new safety video is causing quite the stir with over 520,000 views in three days. It’s a must-watch for Australians. Why not see what all the fuss is about?

Travel News

Why you shouldn’t drink coffee on a plane

There’s nothing quite like some advice from an insider. Here’s my experience as to why you should keep your love of coffee to when you’ve got your feet firmly planted on the ground.


Long-haul flights in diary form

Have you ever taken a long-haul flight? If so, here’s the diary you didn’t keep but probably should have. Totally relatable and hilarious, these sketches sum up the joys of flying.


Airly offers unlimited flights between Melbourne and Sydney

Is the way we book flights about to change forever? An Australian start-up is offering unlimited flights between Melbourne and Sydney.


The benefits of booking flights and accommodation directly

There are many benefits to travel sites such as and Expedia but whether or not you should book through them or go direct is another issue altogether.

Etihad Airways wins Airline of the Year 2016 award

Air Transport World has just given out the most coveted award in the aviation industry. And the winner of the Airline of the Year 2016 is… n

Technology News

Would you fly on a pilotless jet?

Would you fly on a pilotless plane? The days of total automation are just around the corner, but will you be ready to trust the machines?

Travel News

Reclining seats banned on airline

A UK airline will be banning reclining seats on all of its planes. Do you think all airlines should follow suit? Or do you enjoy being able to recline when flying?


Checking in with your smartphone

Air travel doesn’t have to mean long queues or rummaging through pockets for paperwork. Say goodbye to boarding passes: if you have a smartphone, you can check in ahead of time, long before you even reach the airport.

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