World’s best airline reveals its secret to better airline food

More salt used to be the secret to better tasting airline food, but no more, says Qatar Airways culinary development manager Decha Mingkwan.


Top 20 safest airlines for 2020

The world’s only airline safety and product rating website ranks Australia’s favourite carrier as tops for safety.


Never fly at night with these airlines

While it may not be riskier to fly with these airlines at night, the risk of ruining your holiday does increase, says FiveThirtyEight.


How to score the dream seating arrangement on a plane

It’s every flyers dream: having no one next to you on a long-haul flight. These tips will increase your chances of scoring the ideal seating arrangement the next time you fly.


Air New Zealand knocks Singapore Airlines off its perch

Air New Zealand has knocked Singapore Airlines off its perch as airline of the year in this year’s coveted awards.


Who’ll pay the price for flight shaming?

‘Flight shaming’ is becoming more widespread and could cost airlines billions, but who’ll bear the brunt of these costs? The airlines or you, the consumer?


Air New Zealand ‘stretch zone’ means more comfort for taller passengers

Air New Zealand rolling out its new stretch zone across its entire widebody fleet, making travel more comfortable for taller passengers and anyone who wants a little extra legroom.


Virgin Australia launching fly now, pay later airfares

Virgin Australia will offer passengers fly now, pay later airfares from early 2020, the airline announced last week.


Travel Vision: Baggage handlers behaving badly

This footage of baggage handlers behaving badly will make you think twice about packing valuables and breakables in your bag on your next flight.


Japan Airlines alerts you if you’re sitting next to a baby on your flight

Japan Airlines (JAL) has implemented a feature into its check-in process that alerts you of the position of potentially whinging whelps, giving you the chance to put as much distance between you and a crying kid.


Safety rule changes could mean more legroom on planes

The US Federal Aviation Administration has decided that seat sizes may have moved beyond passenger discomfort into the realm of passenger safety.


Plane water not even safe for washing hands: study

Analysis of plane water revealed that water quality varied between airlines but suggested that much of it is not even safe for hand- washing.

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