Qantas increasing carry-on limits for international flights

Qantas is improving its carry on allowances for premium-class passengers on its international services, on the back of changes made to carry-on allowances for passengers on domestic services in March.

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Best value air routes revealed

Travellers looking for the best value flights will love the research recently released by, which has calculated the best value air routes from each Australian state.


Seatbelt sign secret messages revealed

The seatbelt sign is also used by the flight crew to send signals to the cabin crew without having to make a formal announcement, reveal flight attendants.


Aussie airlines won’t start charging extra for overweight passengers

Australian airlines are not allowed to discriminate based on weight, but does this mean your plane is unsafe to fly?


How will we travel the world in 2050?

Electric trains, flight rations or ‘mag-lev’ trains – how will we travel in 2050?


Virgin launches a special program to ‘pacify’ passengers

We’re always working to make flying as joyful and stress-free as possible, says Virgin’s acting COO, upon the launch of Virgin’s new Nervous Flyers program.


Using smartphones on hundreds of planes is dangerous

Hundreds of Boeing jets around the world could be deemed unsafe by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) because the smartphones of passengers and other external frequencies are interfering with flight systems.


Australian frequent flyers rate the world’s airport lounges

Australia’s frequent flyers have voted on the best international business lounges across nine of the world’s most popular lounge providers.


Three things no pilot wants you to know

Kit Baker, a retired captain with Eastern Air Lines and Aloha Airlines, comes clean on what pilots do in the cockpit that they don't want passengers to know.

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Airline Update: Virgin in trouble?

There are some moderately disturbing signs that suggest Virgin may be in trouble. One industry insider suggests that the airline should go back to being a budget airline to turn its fortunes around.


Passports could soon be replaced by smartphone

Canada and the Netherlands are trialling a paperless travel system that requires no passport, just a smartphone.


Singapore Airlines loses its world’s best crown to Qatar

Singapore Airlines enjoyed a short stint as the world’s best airline but has lost the crown to perennial winner Qatar Airways.

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