FAA to apply restrictions on shrinking legroom and seat sizes

Travellers could soon see the end of plane seat shrinkages and reduced legroom, with a new set of rules and regulations currently being reviewed by the Federal Aviation Administration.


Travel SOS: Are you rethinking the window seat?

We explain to Margie why she shouldn’t be afraid of the window seat in the wake of last month’s freak accident involving a passenger being partially sucked out of a plane.


The best positions for sleeping on planes

Around 8 in 10 Aussie flyers have trouble sleeping on planes. So what do the rest of them know that we don’t? The secret to sleeping on planes is no longer a secret.


What does your plane seat say about you?

Your decision to choose a window seat or aisle seat (because no-one chooses the middle seat!) says a lot about your personality - supposedly …


New patent could mean passengers fly on the roof of the plane

New seat technology could mean that passengers fly on the roof of a plane. Dubbed 'SkyDeck', this radical innovation could redefine the window seat.


The airline with the world’s most fashionable flyers

You only need to set foot on a jet to know that airplane attire can range from leggings and ugg boots to Brookes Brothers’ suit and Birkin bags. But which airline has the world’s most fashionable flyers?


Should you worry if you see someone taping up your plane?

A photograph of an easyJet airplane mechanic using tape to fix an engine just before take off has raised the question: Should you worry if you see this happening to your plane? n


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