The seven commandments for airplane attire

For those who often find themselves inadequately dressed at the airport, despair no more. Follow these seven rules and you will be comfortably and appropriately attired for your next flight.


Stress-free check-in checklists

Our stress-free check-in checklists will help you painlessly pass airport obstacles, so you’ll be sipping a latte and boarding your plane with minimal fuss.


How early should you get to the airport?

With daily queues at airports stretching longer, make sure you give terminal staff enough time to do their jobs and get you smoothly off on your holiday.


How many guns are seized at US airports each day?

From replica suicide vests to live hand grenades, you’d be amazed at some of the items confiscated from carry-on and checked luggage at US airports.

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Seven handy airport tech tricks

Have you ever found yourself at an airport with no charge on your phone? Our handy airport tech tricks may make this less of a drama the next time you travel.


The future of flying

With flying and the airport experience constantly evolving, here are two things to make your next flight a whole lot easier when it comes to baggage and plane food.


World’s best airport food

Not a fan of plane food? Forget filling up on junk at the airport – these restaurants offer decent dining choices whilst you wait to board your plane.


Which airport is weighing passengers?

You may expect to have your bags weighed before flying, but what about if an airline asked you to stand on the scales? Well, that’s exactly what one airport is doing …


Try these four great travel apps on your next trip

Not all travel apps are created equal – some are far more useful and initiative than others. These travel apps will actually prove useful on your next trip.


10 tricks to make your airport experience enjoyable these holidays

Travelling over the holiday period can be stressful. Here are 10 tricks to make your airport experience enjoyable over the break.

The top eight scariest airport runways in the world

Are you looking for an extra adrenalin kick for your next holiday? Turn your next flight into a real thrill-seeking adventure by landing on one of these hair-raising airport runways.


Ebola travel update

If you’re planning an overseas trip there are a few things you should know about avoiding the Ebola virus.

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