Melbourne Airport launches new tech to halve security wait times

The days of removing items from carry-on bags may be behind travellers moving through Australia’s second busiest airport with new tech that will halve security checkpoint time for travellers.


Apple MacBooks banned on flights

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) this week announced that some MacBook Pros are banned from all US flights, with Virgin, Qantas and other airlines following suit.


Flight attendant shares essential airport tips

You may already be aware of some of Stella’s airport tips, but put them all together, and you can almost be assured of smooth passage through even the most hectic hub.


Australian frequent flyers rate the world’s airport lounges

Australia’s frequent flyers have voted on the best international business lounges across nine of the world’s most popular lounge providers.


The strangest items confiscated at customs

Webjet has researched and listed some of the most unusual and shocking things found by customs and border officials around the world.


Seems some people actually try to almost miss flights. But why?

There are two types of airport people: late people and early people. Which one are you?


How to stay safe when using airport wifi

Airports are the perfect place for hackers to hang about hoping for an opening. But you can stay protected by following these simple tips for using airport wifi.


Passports could soon be replaced by smartphone

Canada and the Netherlands are trialling a paperless travel system that requires no passport, just a smartphone.


Study reveals the most common causes of airport delays

A study, conducted by UK retailer Feel Good Contacts, found that ePassport gates were most often fooled by facial hair, big bellies, people who’ve lost weight or had piercings.


Qantas to remove all ‘shonky’ analogue scales from airports

Qantas will remove all analogue scales from airports after its shonky weighing system was exposed by journalists.


Rising seas threaten Australia's major airports – and it may be happening faster than we think

The risk of sea-level rise from climate change poses a greater threat to our airports than we’re prepared for.


Chaos coming to Australian airports

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) has declared war on Australian airports and has warned of industrial chaos caused by intended strikes over the next year.

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