Did Australians drink more at home during COVID lockdowns?

Roy Morgan report reveals just 34 per cent of drinkers are responsible for 77 per cent of all alcohol consumed in Australia.


Everything whisky novices need to know

Demand for whisky is growing and we're drinking more whisky at home than ever before. Here are seven things you should know before diving in.


Cut back on alcohol to look after your liver

Statistics reveal that increased COVID anxiety has, in turn, increased alcohol consumption. Here are some tips for supporting your liver.

Health Checks

Doctors may know if you’re lying about the amount you drink

Many of the standard tests that doctors run can indicate excessive alcohol consumption. Lying to your doctor about the amount your drink may be not only futile, but also bad for your health.

Bizarre things you never knew about beer

From Olympic doping to the fear of an empty beer glass, here are 10 things you probably didn't know about beer.

Health news

Alcohol is our main drug problem, but few know the dangers

New reports confirm that alcohol is the nation’s primary drug concern.

Food and Recipes

Turn your favourite gin into something extra special

Gin can be infused with a host of flavours. It’s easy, fun and you may just end up with a refreshing new favourite tipple.


There’s a case for moderate drinking, but the keyword is moderate

There may be some health benefits to moderate alcohol drinking, but the shortcomings of research remains problematic.


Ageing and alcohol, the inside story

Not only are older Australians more likely to drink excessively, but they also have a greater risk of alcohol interacting poorly with medicines and medical conditions.


Driven to drink? Here’s why you should start counting

Staying isolated can be tough, but here are some tips to stay within the recommended alcohol guidelines.


Alcohol purchasing limits tightened as sales soar

New limits have been placed on alcohol purchases as bottle shops and big retail outlets report an 86 per cent jump in sales and delivery businesses are booming.


Toilet paper back on the shelves, but is beer in danger?

Toilet paper is back on the shelves, though the subject to purchasing restrictions, and now breweries are worried about their products.

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