World body warns of link between COVID and dementia

Group says research shows COVID can increase the likelihood of developing dementia and cause symptoms to show up earlier than normal.

Brain health

Study finds link between COVID and increased risk of Alzheimer's

More research needed but studies find brain health is adversely affected.


Study shows how music boosts brain activity

Music soothes the soul and the savage beast and, so it seems, people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. But how?


Is exercise as good as medicine?

We all know exercise is good for us, but is it better than medicine? Physiotherapist Kate Roberts explains the benefits of exercise and how it can be better for us than popping pills.

Brain health

Study links dementia to poor kidney function

Older people with kidney disease have a higher risk of dementia, and the risk increases with the rate and stage of kidney function decline, says a new study.


Who knew a crossword could do all this?

If you tackled this morning’s crossword, or successfully completed a sudoku, congratulations. Your brain is in a happier place.

Brain health

Medical focus must extend to pre-clinical dementia

"What can I do to not get this?" - the question being asked by those at greatest risk of dementia.

Brain health

Obesity weighs on Alzheimer's

A new study of people living with Alzheimer's has found being overweight puts more pressure on brain health, possibly leading to accelerated damage.

Brain health

Anxiety linked to faster onset of Alzheimer’s disease

Anxiety has been linked to an increased rate of progression from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s disease, according a new US study.

Brain health

Apathy an important early warning sign of dementia

A new study reveals that older people with severe apathy and a general lack of interest may be more likely to develop dementia than those who care.

Brain health

Non-invasive sleep test could predict dementia in older adults

Dementia often goes undiagnosed while people are active and awake, so it may come as a surprise to many that scientists now think they can diagnose it in your sleep.

Health news

Common drug used to treat diabetes may delay dementia

One of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the world may help delay cognitive decline and could even be ‘anti-ageing’.

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