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$67 activities in California

Enjoy USA activities and attractions for less.

North America

$1090 return flights to LA and SF

Save on flights to LA and San Francisco.

US will talk to Taliban

Talking to the Taliban about the future in Afghanistan

Three killed in Boston Marathon explosions

Two are dead and over 90 injured after explosions at the Boston Marathon

Shooting rampage no joke

Just after midnight on Friday, lone gunman James Holmes took the lives of 12 moviegoers and injured a further 58, at a showing of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. The quiet town of Aurora, Colorado has been left reeling at the news of the deaths and the details surrounding the massacre.

Telstra is tracking you

Telstra has been accused of tracking the websites its customers visit using the Next G network, and sending the information to a company in the United States of America.

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Top ten overseas destinations

A trip overseas is no doubt a luxury yet surprisingly, over 40 per cent of YOURLifeChoices subscribers undertake international travel at least once a year. So where are they travelling?