Are antibiotics really the answer?

Antibiotics are not a “cure all”. They can help fight bacterial infections, but they’re no good against viruses, so there’s every chance they won’t help your sore throat.


Do antibiotics and alcohol mix?

When taking antibiotics it’s common to be advised not to consume alcohol, but is this really a rule that needs to be followed to the letter?


Protect yourself from the superbug plague

Australia is under threat from antibiotic-resistant bacteria

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Antibiotics and alcohol

It is okay to drink alcohol when taking antibiotics? Which antibiotics react badly to alcohol consumption? Find out these answers as part of Antibiotic Awareness Week.

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Technology for aged care

More than 90 per cent of Australians wish to age in their own home. Find out how these technological advancements can help you or your parents remain at home for longer without compromising on safety or health.

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Never forget your antibiotics again

The NPS has released a new app which will ensure you never forget your antibiotics again. Discover how you can get the app for free, and share your recovery chart with your friends and family.