Is too much ‘together time’ upsetting you?

Self-isolating is causing more than the obvious challenges, writes psychologist Judy Rafferty.


Why we look to carbs for solace

Gathering goods to store for lockdown is one way we try to manage anxiety. But why do we seek out certain foods, and should we give in to cravings?


Simple kit could ease confusion for dementia sufferers

Researchers believe they may have the key to helping people with dementia when they need to be hospitalised.


Desperately seeking help – for my wife and me

Ron asks psychologist Dr Emmanuella how he can help his wife and keep his sanity.


How you can keep anxiety under control while travelling

Travelling, whether locally or overseas, can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. However, for many people, going outside their comfort zone can cause feelings of anxiety.


How to cope socially when a loved one dies

Losing a loved one and re-entering your world as a single can be an anxious and confronting time. Psychologist Dr Eric Goodman advises how to overcome social anxiety.


‘I’m worried about what I’m not being told’

Kerry is feeling increasingly shut out of important discussions. She has asked clinical psychologist and new YourLifeChoices regular Dr Emmanuella Murray for advice on how to tackle the problem.


Can mental health apps change your life?

Stay calm and take a deep breath. Here are four mental health apps that could help you through periods of stress or anxiety.


Divorce sermon proves a moving moment

I went for gospel singing and got a whole lot more – a sermon to exercise the brain.

Mental Health

How to ease anxiety

There are many tools and techniques you can use to manage anxiety effectively.

Mental Health

Evidence shows that exercise can be used to treat depression

Depression is common among Australia’s senior population. In fact, around 10–15 per cent of older people deal with depression, and approximately 10 per cent experience symptoms of anxiety.

Health Checks

Doctors ‘prodded’ to rethink irritable bowel diagnosis

Prolific public health advocate and author Professor Kerryn Phelps AM has a strong message for her conservative medical colleagues – listen your patients’ ‘gut instincts’!

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