Health authorities slam COVID app message hoax

Hoax message circulates as Australians signing up in force for the new COVIDSafe app.


Government in hard sell on tracing app

The federal government pushes its coronavirus tracing app as government services minister seeks to allay widespread privacy concerns.

Health News

Where can I find a doctor or chemist

Getting sick on holiday is no fun. Next time you’re planning a trip make sure you take this new website or app with you so you can search for your nearest doctor or 24-hour chemist anywhere in Australia.


Cull these apps to increase your device’s battery life

Smartphone owners are being warned after a number of dodgy apps that had been downloaded 22 million times were available in the Google Play store.


Seven super (free) travel apps

Whether you’re looking for cheap airfares, half-priced hotel rooms or need someone (or something) to show you around town, Liv’s favourite free travel apps will have you covered.


How Waze will get you there faster

Waze is a navigation and live traffic app that allows users to report incidents, heavy traffic, speed cameras and even police operations in real time to other app users.

Centrelink News

New Centrelink mobile app sign-in could erase your documents

Changes to the Centrelink Express Plus mobile app will prevent you from accessing your old data – unless you save it first.


New phone app to convert hobbies into businesses

A new smartphone app will be launched on January 23 to help older women gain the confidence and skills needed to turn their hobbies into extra income through online microenterprise training.


The future of hotels looks keyless

Imagine a world where hotel room keys don’t exist...and then stop imagining because it’s now a reality. In an Australian first, Crowne Plaza has debuted keyless entry.


The smart way to split travel costs

Travelling in a group can be trying for many reasons, without having to worry about money. Thankfully, SJ recently discovered a way to ensure that no one ends up out of pocket.


One of the best travel apps around

Gone are the days of trying to compile or print all your travel information, there’s an app that will do that for you and even allow you to share it with friends or family back home.


Here’s how to get featured on Google maps

Google has come up with a new way to use its maps application that could see your photos featured on their social media or mapped out for the rest of the world to enjoy.

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