The hotel with the worst view in the world

Never one to shy away from controversy, Banksy’s hotel in Bethlehem pulls no punches. A polemical and political statement by the artist, it’s received rave reviews. Would you stay here?


Art that’s definitely not for art’s sake

Against a wall is a chair. On the chair is a small goldfish bowl. In the bowl are a knife and two live goldfish. On a nearby wall are 400 plaster casts of female genitalia. Do you know where I am?


Do you know the hidden meanings behind these 16 logos?

Companies spend a fortune on designs that often look like simple initials or obvious icons to represent their business or product. But these 16 logos show that there is often a deeper, hidden meaning behind the logo.


Kaye shares her take on Van Gogh and the Seasons

It’s winter and a great time to embrace the season, reflect and contemplate. Where better, and what better than a Van Gogh winter masterpiece exhibition in Melbourne?


Nude awakening: hotel guests encouraged to get naked

Throughout history, the naked human form has been inspirational, but who’d have thought it would be the focus of one of the coolest hotel packages we’ve ever seen marketed?


Tom Neal Tacker talks overlooked art masterpieces

Europe is brimming with masterpieces and historic sites. While some of them get the lion’s share of publicity, others merit comparable attention – without the crowds. Here’s a shortlist of the best of them.


These 1930s pin-up shots were taken under water

American photographer Bruce Mozert knew a thing or two about making a splash, with his innovative and fun shots of pin-up models performing everyday tasks under water.


Artist uses leaves, sticks and rocks to create art

The magic of nature is revealed in this series of photos of natural artworks by Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, who uses leaves, sticks and rocks to create stunning scenes.


Pups strike a pose: before and after a bath

Is your pooch 100 per cent more adorable after a bath? These pups certainly are. This cute before-and-after series highlights the Japanese style of dog grooming.


Living sculptures: amazing hedge garden art

You don’t have to be a topiarist or green thumb to appreciate the artistry of the plant sculptures in the international Montreal Mosaiculture Exhibition.


Art student wants to make luxury handbags from human skin

A Slovenian fashion student wants to make fashion accessories using the late Alexander McQueen’s cloned skin. Her idea may be a bit creepy, but is it really an ethical concern?


How dogs age

Amanda Jones’ stunning photography project, Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then & Now, features portraits of a range of breeds, showing how they age over the years.

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