Freighter travel

John is keen to travel to Japan in a slightly unusual fashion and would like to know more about how to get there by freighter. n


$1599 6-day tour in Myanmar

Myanmar is touted as a hot destination for 2014.


Travemarvel’s Vietnam & Cambodia 2014

Travel on the 12-day Essential Vietnam and Cambodia Travelmarvel escorted tour and luxury cruise, departing 21 June 2014 and you’ll fly free* to Vietnam and Cambodia including taxes.

The ‘Asiafication’ of Australia

Under new policy announced by the Federal Government, every child in Australia will be encouraged to learn an Asian language and schools will forge an alliance with a counterpart in the Asian region.


Malaysia plates up the perfect gourmet getaway

With its mixture of bustling hawker markets, high-end dining and local specialities, Malaysia is the perfect destination for Aussies looking for a gourmet getaway.


Lose yourself in Langkawi

Langkawi is the perfect destination for Aussie couples looking for a romantic getaway, and a dose of well-earned rest and relaxation.


Getaway to gorgeous Georgetown

For a holiday rich in culture, history and relaxation you can’t go past Georgetown, in Penang.


Head to Malaysia Borneo for an unforgettable adventure

Malaysian Borneo is a nature and adventure lover’s paradise. From Mt Kinabalu, to the national parks and caves of Sarawak, to the pristine diving sites off the coast of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo is the perfect destination for travellers looking for an action-packed holiday.


Malaysian festival and events calendar set to spice up your holiday

Malaysia’s rich and diverse culture is celebrated with a large range of festivals and celebrations every year.

Affordable Asia

For the armchair traveller keen to enjoy an Asian adventure, here’s a snapshot of three must-reads. We can’t guarantee these ‘oldies but goodies’ are still in print, but they are well worth seeking out.

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