Will your claim be paid?

Are you confident your life or TPD insurance will pay out should something happen to you? Well, the statistics may suggest otherwise.

Finance News

The real cost of running a car

Want to know the real cost of running your car? Or are you looking to buy a new vehicle? ASIC’s new MoneySmart Cars app helps you work out the cost of buying and running a car.


ASIC forces telco to refund millions

A major telco will be compelled to pay refunds after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) found it had overcharged around 175,000 customers for phone insurance.

Finance News

When will big banks pay?

Calls for a Royal Commission into the behaviour of our biggest banks have been reactivated in the wake of ASIC’s decision to sue Westpac for rigging bank rates.


ASIC’s life insurance warning

Last week, ASIC released two reports about the life insurance selling practices of car dealers which revealed marked up premiums, lower quality products and large commissions.


Labor’s plans to beat union rorts

Ahead of the much-anticipated report from the Royal Commission, Labor has proposed plans to stop union corruption. But is it too little too late?

Win for travel card customers

In good news for travellers, funds that remain on certain expired travel money cards need no longer be forfeited and can be claimed back.


ASIC reviews One Big Switch

One Big Switch, the group that encourages consumers to sign up in large numbers to secure discounts, is under review by ASIC.

Banking & Investment

Do your investments pass the test?

It’s always tempting to look for a high-return investment. But before you move your money, there are a few simple questions you should ask.


Register of planners launched

ASIC has made the first move to clean up the financial services sector with a register of qualified financial planners now online.


Lump sum superannuation to end

Australians entering retirement may be prevented from taking their superannuation in a lump sum and will instead have it made available to them in a self-funded ‘pension’.


Government gives back your money

Today the Abbott Government is expected to reverse legislation that moves inactive account balances after just three years.

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