Income and asset tests

Can you take out a loan to reduce the value of your assets?

Norm has shares purchased through an equity loan account and wants to know how they are assessed by Centrelink.

Income and asset tests

What to do if you disagree with a Centrelink assessment

Suzanne lives on a big property and thinks the excess land has been overvalued. She is keen to know whether she can challenge the decision.

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Forget more compulsory super: here are five ways to actually boost retirement incomes

There are five big problems the Retirement Income Review will need to confront. Here are five changes that would tackle them.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Are adjoining blocks exempt from the assets test?

Bianca is about to apply for the Age Pension and has some questions about the exemptions for primary residence.

Age Pension

How does a owning a portion of a house affect the pension?

Gloudina wants to buy half of her daughter’s house but is worried that it will affect her pension.

Income and asset tests

Postcode by postcode: a clever way to include homes in the age pension assets test

Under an Institute of Actuaries proposal, only retirees with more valuable than normal homes would face an assets test, and only on that part of the value that was higher than normal.

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Is a margin loan an appropriate way to reduce your assets?

Hyacinth wants to know how Centrelink assesses her margin loan.

Income and asset tests

There is a problem with retirement incomes, but it isn't the super guarantee

A better designed assets test, preferably through a merging of the income and assets tests, would ensure that increased savings boosted retirement incomes.

Age Pension

How you can use changes to the assets test to your advantage

Dorothy wants to know if she is in a position to benefit from changes to the assets test.

Income and asset tests

Carrot not stick approach sought in family home debate

Last week, Deloitte Access Economics' Chris Richardson said that including the family home in the Age Pension assets test was ‘the right thing to do’. Today, we present the views of other specialist parties.

Age Pension

Centrelink Q&A: Are you using the right assets test?

Brian is confused as to whether to apply the single or couple assets test in his situation.

Income and asset tests

Why your home should be part of your retirement income

The family home provides people with the means to take care of themselves in retirement, argues economist Sean Corbett.

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