Fast and natural ways to relieve asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition with irregular triggers, so learning to control it is important. Today, we give you five fast and natural solutions that can help you breathe easier.


Breakthrough app to help prevent asthma attacks

To recognise World Asthma Day today, a breakthrough smartphone app has been launched by a peak body to will help users breathe easier.

Health News

Could new asthma remedy breathe life into pneumonia prevention?

The discovery of an antibiotic that virtually halves the incidence of asthma attacks may one day be able to help some patients avoid catching pneumonia.


Are you using the correct asthma inhaler technique?

You may think you are doing it right, but research shows 90 per cent of people with asthma are using inhalers incorrectly, increasing the risk of hospitalisation by 50 per cent.


Managing asthma

People can get asthma at any age – have you been feeling short of breath?