Albanese criticises terror laws

Labor MP, Anthony Albanese, has criticised the government’s new terror laws and says restrictions on press freedom are ‘draconian’.

Time to accept the inevitable

In implementing the mining tax, Julia Gillard, love her or loathe her, has done more for the future of Australia than she will ever be given credit for. Australia is a land rich in resources and from the very first days of the gold rush, people have staked their claim on the spoils from the land without very much opposition.

Resolution required

The current Labor Party leadership wrangle (link to news piece) has gone too far and must be resolved sooner rather than later. Not only is it distracting them from doing their job (i.e. leading our country), it is doing damage to the party’s reputation and its chances in the next election.

Banking & Investment

The cost of financial advice

Despite the importance of getting good financial advice, there are people who simply cannot afford this ‘luxury’. Subscriber Joy would like to know what you can do if this is the case.

Federal Government

Intergenerational report explained

As the proportion of working age people supporting those aged over 65 reduces, so does the capacity of the Australian Government to fund the needs of this ageing population. But is this really news?