How will super changes affect you?

While the changes to superannuation proposed in this year’s Federal Budget have yet to become law, being aware of how they might affect you will help you make informed decisions on managing your retirement savings.

Super Funds

Superannuation: combine your accounts and save

According to the ATO, 43 percent of Australians aged between 51 and 65 have more than one super fund – meaning they’re paying more than one set of fees at a time when saving money for retirement should be of utmost importance.


Superannuation: retrospectivity to cut retirement income

The big end of town doesn't often support the need for greater scrutiny of legislation surrounding their practices, however, Ian Silk is bucking this trend.


Superannuation: your contributions explained

As a long-term savings strategy, there are many ways you can contribute to your superannuation fund throughout your lifetime. And while this makes it incredibly flexible, it can be a little confusing. So, if you’re wondering what superannuation contributions you can make, our simple guide will help.


Superannuation: how to convert into income

What is often lost in the constant discussions about super is that its basic purpose is to provide a means to save for retirement, the result of which will be used to provide an adequate income.

Retirement Planning

How to calculate your needs in retirement

How much money you will need in retirement is a very different question to how much money is enough. So how can you calculate how much it will take to cover your living costs?


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