Should you be compelled to leave an inheritance?

Are Gen Y getting a bit ahead of themselves claiming an inheritance they haven’t earned?

Age Pension

Pension spending time bomb

Businessman Tony Shepherd has raised concerns that Australia risks being ‘crippled by pension spending’ due to the so-called ‘age-dependency ratio’.


Did the Grinch steal your retirement? Or was it your adult kids?

Nearly a quarter of boomers who are caring for ageing parents while their children still live at home, make up the sandwich generation – and they’re far too worn-out to enjoy their retirements.


Boomers Travel Insurance – exclusive offer saves you 10 per cent

Are you planning a trip for Christmas? Get specialist online travel cover from Boomers Travel Insurance and save 10 per cent with this exclusive offer for YourLifeChoices members.


State of the nation: baby boomers' financial needs

In an extensive quantitative research study of over 5,200 YourLifeChoices members, we set about discovering the hopes, fears and motivators of those in or approaching retirement.


It’s not baby boomers who are lucky, it’s their children

Do you feel as though you’re constantly forking out to help your adult children? If so, then you’re not alone, but are you really doing them any favours?


Will boomers relate to your brand?

When the charismatic J.P. Kuehlwein shared the secrets of ueber (think big, not taxis) at the Mumbrella 360 marketing summit last month, he had a lot of heads nodding about what makes a brand stand out.


Sector spotlight: Health

The 60+ market in developed countries is forecast to grow by a third by 2030, from 164 million to 222 million, according to a recent report by global management consultants McKinsey. This group is expected to generate 51% of urban growth ($4.4 trillion) in developed countries in this period, due to their growth in numbers and their higher per capita consumption than any other demographic group.


Research data finds that boomers earned more than Gen Y’s

Do you feel like the younger generation is making more money than you did? Research shows that baby boomers were wealthier than today’s Gen Y at the same age. But who had it easier?


Canada: top five reasons to choose Air Canada

Air Canada is working hard to make baby boomer travellers happy. How? With a new non-stop Brisbane-Vancouver flight, 24 Premium Economy seats and double luggage allowances – that’s how.


Euthanasia plans being put in place by baby boomers

Euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke has claimed that a growing number of older Australians are exploring the process of ‘rational suicide’ in order to control the timing and method of their end of life.


The truth about boomers and the internet

A recent survey of over 4,000 baby boomers by YourLifeChoices, the retirement experts, revealed how retirees and pre-retirees are using the internet and the results may surprise you!

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