Bacon, egg and potato bake

Looking for an inexpensive, filling recipe to feed the whole family? Today's Bacon, Egg and Potato Bake is the way to go!


Baked Sweet Potato and Bacon

Baked Sweet Potato and Bacon, is easy to prepare ahead and bake on the BBQ or in the oven. A hearty and healthy vegetable option which is cheap to make and good enough to eat on its own.


Quick Quiche Lorraine

This is a creamy quiche that is easy to prepare. Pair it with a fresh green salad for a delicious light meal.


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

These Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon are an ideal side dish to add to your winter veggies.

Health news

Hit a little snag?

When it comes to giving yourself the best chance of avoiding cancer, particularly bowel cancer, must people forever forsake the sausage, ham, salami and steak, and skip the bacon?


BLAT Salad

A BLAT is similar to a BLT, with the addition of avocado. Our BLAT Salad combines all the same delicious ingredients but there is no need for the extra carbs found in bread.


Parsnip, cheddar and bacon soup

A tasty soup to warm you up this winter.


Bacon and Egg Tarts

Bacon and eggs are a perfect taste combination, so why not break out of the breakfast mould and try these Bacon and Egg Tarts for lunch or tea?


Spinach, Bacon and Cheese Omelette

YOURLifeChoices Spinach, Bacon and Cheese Omelette recipe is quick and easy to make and tastes great!


Chicken and Bacon Meatballs

Meatballs served with pasta are the ultimate comfort food. Carol’s Chicken and Bacon Meatballs are a twist on the classic Italian dish.