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Centrelink Q&A: Will good deed affect Maria’s pension?

Maria is borrowing money to help her daughter with a credit card debt, but is concerned those funds may affect her pension payment.

Banking & Investment

The price of loyalty to your first bank

Studies have shown that loyalty for life to one of the major four banks is burning an $80,000 hole in your pocket. That is close to what a luxury car costs.


ATM fees: Australians pay $548 million for their money

What is the price of convenience? Australians forked out $548 million in obligatory fees at ATMs last year, instead of using their own banks’ ATMs for free.


SMS scam: ACMA issues warning over sophisticated bank scam

Mobile phone users are being warned of a highly sophisticated SMS phishing scam, where victims are redirected to fake banking websites then fleeced of their private login details.


How does ‘pay and go’ work?

If you’re due to receive a new bankcard this year, you may notice that it looks slightly different to your previous issue. Card providers are embracing the use of contactless technology for processing payments, but what does this mean for you?


Two scams to avoid

Scammers are always looking for new ways to fleece money from the unsuspecting public. This week alone there are two clever scams of which YOURLifeChoices has been made aware.


Superannuation shortfall solutions

Having enough money in superannuation to provide for a comfortable retirement should be high on your list of priorities, no matter what age you are. Unfortunately however, for many people it won’t be that easy, with information provided by the Westpac Bank showing that at age 70, only 1 in 5 Australians will have any superannuation left.

Legal & General

Carolyn’s concern for her mother

Q. Our 92-year-old mother, who has Macular Degeneration, lives alone on her 50 acres and has been stripped of her life savings by a conman doing a botched asphalting job. What can we do?