Age Pension

Dwindling cash deposit returns wipe out benefits of pension increase

The 20 March Age Pension increase for millions of older Australians means little compared to the loss of income typically earnt from cash deposits.


House prices tipped to jump 16 per cent over next two years

Boom feeding off risky policies and the fear of missing out, analysts say.

Banking & Investment

Are banks going to get a green light to act irresponsibly?

There's a bill before the Senate that would make it easier for banks to lend irresponsibly.

Banking & Investment

Why first-time traders are a threat to your retirement savings

The large number of first-time investors in Australia has implications for the Australian stock market – and on the retirement savings of older Australians.

Banking & Investment

Customers shut out as bank branches close

The needs of some bank customers appear to be being neglected as the big banks shut up shop and move more of their business online.…

Banking & Investment

The Reserve Bank might yet take interest rates negative

Few expected the RBA to adjust its cash rate on Tuesday, and for good reason.

Banking & Investment

Banking recommendations fall victim to credit-fuelled COVID recovery

Fewer than half of the recommendations made by commissioner Kenneth Hayne have been implemented two years after the delivery of his final report.

Banking & Investment

Things to know before buying an investment property

Buying an investment property can be risky, but rewarding, so long as you do not rush the process and consider some important steps before committing.

Retirement Income

Angry retirees hit out at RBA

Enough is enough, say retirees, who have swamped the RBA boss with thousands of letters and emails expressing their concerns about the cash rate staying so low for so long.

Banking & Investment

COVID-19 changing the way we bank

More than two thirds of Australians were negatively impacted by COVID-19, leading most of them to reconsider how they use financial services, and how financial services should service them.

Banking & Investment

A future for cash?

Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe says we will always need an emergency payment method and cash still fits the bill.

Banking & Investment

Major financial overhaul slammed

The government’s decision to axe responsible lending laws has come under fire from 122 consumer and community groups who fear the damage the change will cause.

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