Industry leaders have their say on the royal commission

The advice comes thick and fast after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement.


Government finally concedes on need for banking inquiry

In an extraordinary backflip, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced a royal commission into the financial services sector.


The jig is up, time to bring banks to justice

At last we will find out what banks have to hide. But not before retirement savings have been hurt by outrageously poor financial regulation.


Royal commission findings have already been decided by PM

Long-suffering Australians battered by banks’ unscrupulous practices are kidding themselves if they believe justice will be done.

Banking & Investment

Money tips your banker won’t share with you

There was a time when it was the bankers’ job to help clients find solutions that are right for them, but now you’re treated as little more than a number, and you could miss out on some vital information.

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CBA releases list of regulatory ‘issues’ – are you a victim?

The Commonwealth Bank has launched a refund program after releasing details of systemic regulatory ‘issues’ costing customers and staff millions of dollars.

Federal Budget 2017

Big banks threaten to pass on 'surprise tax' costs to customers

There’s speculation that customers will bear the cost of the Government’s 0.6 per cent tax on Australia’s big banks, with the banks threatening to band together to fight the measure.


RBA warns of dangerous property bubble and interest-only loans

Five weeks from the 2016/17 Federal Budget, Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe has warned of a dangerous property bubble and ‘unusual’ popularity in interest-only loans.


Cybersecurity fail – mobile risks

New research has revealed that nearly 50 per cent of Australian smartphone and tablet users are failing to take simple measures to protect themselves.

Banking & Investment

Westpac pledges $200 savings account for new babies

To celebrate the bank’s 200th year in business, Westpac is offering a $200 ‘baby bump’ account for all Australian children born in 2017.


Bank steals widow's right to grieve

When a loved dies there really is enough to be dealing with, without your bank deciding to heap on more misery in the form of interest and fees on loans in their name. That’s exactly what happened to Kate Vaughan when her husband Michael died.


Review reveals Government banking tribunal isn’t needed

The Government's plan to introduce a tribunal to investigate the poor financial practices of Australia's largest banks has been quashed, after an ‘expert review’ found it was not needed.

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